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  • Timber - decks, steps, ramps
  • Tiles - ceramic, porcelain, terrazzo, quarry and more
  • Steel - ramps, steps, access ways, ladders
  • Concrete/pavers - paths, steps, ramps, floors
  • Vinyl - floors
  • Stainless steel - shower trays, ducting covers
  • Porcelain + acrylic baths and showers


We also specialise in sealing concrete surfaces so that they are non-porous, cleanable, non-dusting and investment protected. Suitable for driveways, warehouses, factory floors and walls, many manufacturing plants.

Our mission is: "To improve the safety of all people through the application of high quality anti-slip solutions to work places, public areas and homes".



Why risk serious injury to your family, friends and guests when there is an answer to slippery surfaces!

AS B antislip tile treatmentThis remarkable surface treatment microscopically changes the tread pattern of the floor tile surface to provide dramatically increased grip for bare feet and shoes!  AS-B Anti-Slip has successfully been applied to slippery tiled floors in private homes, commercial office buildings, restaurants, retirement villages and medical institutions, in fact anywhere that has the potential for an accident to occur. 

Application is carried out by our own fully trained and licenced applicators.  It is not a coating, so it will not rub off, crack or peel.  There is no discernible change in appearance, and as it is fast drying, the surface can be walked on immediately.  Subsequenlty, there are no disruptions, and business carries on whilst treatment is completed

For future cleaning, generally the same methods can continue.

The AS-B Antislip treatment is guaranteed for 2 years but normally lasts for many years


When You Want To Make A Visual Safety Statement!

Traction grip pathTractionGrip is ideal for use on all smooth slippery surfaces, you may wish to create a visual pathway for people to follow, or maybe you have a surface such as vinyl or steel which is non porous and needs a topical solution.  It is a flexible, hard wearing vinyl, and can be affixed to all smooth surfaces: tiles, vinyl, wood, concrete, steel, porcelain baths or showers.  TractionGrip is available with a self-adhesive backing or can be glued down using a high quality adhesive.

Available in either Grey or Black it will fit in with most colour schemes, TractionGrip is custom made to fit the size and shape required.

TractionGrip is guaranteed for 4 years, but normally lasts for many years.

Wizard Grip  -  Do you have slippery steps that are also dimly lit?

Wizard Grip wharf stepsThe boat landing steps shown here are subject to all kinds of conditions. WizardGrip nosings ensure a firm footing, which is essential as the steps are very slippery when wet. An added benefit is the WizardGrip nosings bright Yellow colour, which offers great step edge definition in poor light.

Should greater step edge definition be required, a Photo luminescent (glow in the dark) strip can be added to the tread edge of the nosing. 

WizardGrip is the truly Industrial strength anti-slip step nosing. Carbide grit is bonded onto a Galvanised steel base to ensure great longevity in the field, and can be affixed to any substrate: wood, concrete, steel or grips steps and cat walks. WizardGrip is resistant to most oils, petrol, diesel, chemicals and animal fats.

WizardGrip safety stripMost standard stair width sizes are available, but we will also make to measure in both step nosing or flat floor plate.  Available in either Black or Safety Yellow as standard, but please talk with us if you require a special colour. If the quantity is right we can do it.

Create a Safe Pathway

If the industrial strength of WizardGrip is an overkill for your slippery decks, ramps or steps then SafetyGrip strips are your best option. SafetyGrip Strips are proudly made here in New Zealand and ensure a safe, sure footing. 

SafetyGrips are an effective treatment for concrete or wooden steps and ramps, grip steps and catwalks.

SafetyGrip strips rampBy placing a yellow strip at the top and bottom of this ramp and black strips in between, SafetyGrips identify the change in gradient for the visually impaired.

If bright Safety Yellow is too bright for your home, not a problem, SafetyGrip strips are also available in Black and Light Grey.

SafetyGrip strips deck and stepsSafetyGrip Strips can solve the slip / fall problems on steps, paths and walkways, making walking a pleasure, not a hazard.


Aesthetically Pleasing, Protective & Very, Very Safe

Tredsafe profileUsed widely in commercial buildings, the hospitality industry and residential properties, Tredsafe will have a profile and coloured insert to match your decor or requirements.  Tredsafe is available with 35 different profiles. These offer protection from slippery stairs and can also prevent wear to carpeted stair edges.

TredSafe red insertsDiamondtred safety inserts not only conceal the fixings and provide a safe surface for stairs, they are available in a choice of 9 subtle colour options offering a great choice when blending in with existing floor coverings.

The installation of Tredsafe profiles with Safety Red inserts, greatly improves the Step Edge Definition of the upper flight of stairs in this stair well. 

Illuminated LED profiles are also available in different colours for cinemas, theatres or other dimly lit steps. It may be that you just want to Jazz Up those night club or bar steps !

The Raised Strip Gives Extra Grip

Tredsafe raised profileThese strips are an excellent method to improve safety on ramps or decks. 

Designed with a sloping edge on each side of the strips helps when pushing anything with wheels up the ramp, while at the same time the strips, with Diamondtred inserts, provide a positive safe footing, no matter how wet the ramp may be. 


For larger areas where a strip is not sufficient to cover the hazard we can also supply plates.

Made to measure the plates are produced with the same durable coating as applied to the strips.

SafetyGrip Plates boat rampSafetyGrip Plates ensure a safe footing on the steepest of ramps, such as this "ship to shore" gangway which is subject to changes in angle due to tide heights, also movement caused by wave motion.

  • Work Matta Grit
  • Work Matta Comfort
  • Work Matta Ergo

Work Matta Grit

Work Matta GripWork Matta Grit is a maximum grip, durable, slip-resistant surface finish that can be applied to a wide range of Work Matta tiles. Grit tiles perform well in conditions where sure footing is paramount and safety may be compromised by ice, fluids, dampness or industrial overspray. Use Work Matta Grit open surface tiles where efficient drainage is required to disperse liquids and lubricants and prevent pooling hazards. Work Matta Grit closed surface tiles are useful in areas where extra traction is needed for foot tracking areas around slippery trouble spots. 


Work Matta Comfort

Work Matta ComfortThe Work Matta Comfort range is robust and engineered to tolerate the heavy loads and harsh conditions associated with industrial and manufacturing environments. 

Work Matta Comfort tiles are available with a range of surface options: the Diamond Shield surface provides excellent anti-slip properties while the Smooth Top surface is suited to debris-sensitive areas that need to be easily cleaned. Work Matta Comfort is also available with a Carpet surface where an office type environment may be preferred. Compatible safety ramp edging, in matching black or high-visibility yellow, ensures safe transitions to and from the safety surface area. 

Work Matta Comfort is designed to provide a safe and comfortable work zone for people in industrial environments who are required to stand for long periods of time. 


Work Matta Ergo

Work Matta ErgoFor a stable surface in busy foot traffic situations Ergo tiles, at half the size and thickness of other Work Matt tiles, are extremely versatile and can be installed in configurations to suit most situations. 

The low profile Ergo tiles with matching safety ramp edging in black or high visibility yellow ensures access to the Work Matta FLOOR ABOVE THE FLOOR area is safe and easy. The Diamond Shield tile surface provides excellent anti-slip properties while the open surface tile is ideally suited to wet areas, such as shower rooms and around swimming pools. 

The EZ Lock interlocking system makes installation simple and, because the flooring can be rolled up, it is also portable. Work Matta Ergo is the perfect safety flooring solution for environments where function and style are both high priorities. 

* Work Matta is a registered Trade Mark
Bare Foot Friendly, Lightweight & Anti-Slip

Marine boat nonslip gripLittle Grippa Marine Anti-Slip strips are the ideal quick, no mess answer to creating anti-slip areas on boat decks, platforms and steps.

Made using a vinyl base, with a not too aggressive texture, Little Grippa Marine strips are bare foot friendly, while still providing superb anti-slip properties.

But Not Just For The Boat Deck

trailer slip stripQuite often you may find yourself having to stand on the trailer's mudguards to reach for something inside the boat. Marine little Grippas will provide the extra grip that smooth steel does not. 

Weight must also be a consideration for either your boat or trailer.  Marine Little Grippas are made using a low profile base with a bare foot grade texture, this way weight is kept to a minimum.

Make Slippery Baths And Showers A Thing Of The Past

"Safety for your family, guests and friends".

ShowerThe painless way to make your bath or shower safe.  AquaGrip Anti-Slip pads are hard wearing, easy to clean, textured laminate tiles which will ensure your bath or shower does not present any danger for either the young or old from slip / fall accidents. The unique AquaGrip Anti-Slip texture is neither harsh or abrasive on soft or sensitive skin.

A strip along the top edge of the bath will also give extra grip for wet hands when climbing out of the bath.

In your Home, Retirement Village, Hotel or Gym, you can rest assured that anyone using the bath or shower will have the best under foot anti-slip surface available.

UltraSeal UV Resistant Gloss / Mat Sealer


UltraSeal UVR

UltraSeal UVR is a high performance, fast penetrating, solvent or water based coating, which produces a hard clear film, with a gloss finish. It is NON-YELLOWING and exhibits excellent resistance to weathering, carbonation, water, alkalis, corrosive fumes and most dilute acids.  UltraSeal UVR is enhanced with the addition of UV absorbers to maximise protection from ultraviolet light and extend service life.

Add colour to your concrete

By choosing a colour from our range of coloured sealers you can certainly make your driveway more interesting, or maybe co-ordinate the colour to match your house.  Has the existing colour of your driveway faded or worn away over time? Coloured UltraSeal UVR will put that colour back, making your drive look as good as new.

Accidents Happen

By the very nature of your driveway having vehicles either passing over it or parking on it, the chances that it will become soiled by oil, rusty water or tyre marks are certainly high.  Coloured UltraSeal UVR can overcome most of these problems, hiding those unsightly marks and stains.

Resistant to stains

Protect polished concretePolished concrete patios have the look of elegance, they are great when entertaining on a warm summer evening with the BBQ and a glass of wine.  You can now protect the surface from stains caused by oil, food or wine with UltaSeal UV. The coating forms a barrier so that anything spilt on the concrete can simply be wiped away without any staining of the polished concrete.

No more rising damp

UltraSeal UVR is ideally suited for application to concrete and masonry surfaces both indoor and outdoor, as an anti-dusting coating and to seal porous surfaces against water permeation and rising damp when applied in multiple coats.


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