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In our New Zealand lifestyle, opening your doors and windows is also opening your home to little critters, as they come looking for food, water and warmth.  They can be seen or unseen, as they make themselves at homes in walls, attics, under floors and decks.

With our experience, you can be confident you’re receiving professional, skilled service and advice.  We will discuss your situation with you prior to advising of the best treatment suitable for your home, and provided detailed preparation instructions to ensure the safety of your family.  We use approved products that are safe, effective and leave no stains, and we will stand by all work carried out by a Splatter Services technician.

Whilst we treat a vast array of pests, the majority of our clients book an annual general spray, to protect against cockroaches, spiders and flies.  A general spray:

  • is applied to the interior and exterior of the home 
  • is a seasonal control for flies, spiders, cockroaches, and many other crawling insects
  • leaves no smells or stains and is very safe around children and pets
  • is an annual treatment in the majority of homes

It’s important to note that interior spraying for flies is an effective way to gain control of these nuisance insects, but if there is a factor in the environment causing the flies to be at your place, then other forms of control may be necessary to achieve a satisfactory result.

In spring and summer months, we also schedule one day a month to visit Waimarama and Waipukurau / Waipawa with a reduced travel charge.



We offer a wide range of pest control services so we can only ascertain a cost once we have discussed your needs specifically.

Most residential pest control treatments can be quoted over the phone or by email.  However, if an inspection is needed, there will be no charge for quotes within Napier, Hastings or Havelock North.  Properties outside of these areas may incur a travel charge.

Yes, we are registered with the Pest Management Association of New Zealand (PMANZ).

Click here to see a list of registered pest controllers.

Our technicians also hold current Approved Handler Certificates and Basic First Aid certificates. Branded uniforms and signwritten vehicles mean you'll always know who's on your property.

Contracts are not required for one-off residential pest control treatments.  An invoice will be emailed (or posted if necessary) following treatment, and payment is expected upon receipt of invoice.  We accept internet banking, cheques or cash payment.

Please click here for our full terms and conditions.

The products we use are safe for children, pets, asthmatics and pregnant women, whilst still being effective on target insects, when being applied by a qualified pest controller.  We email clients preparation and safety guidelines prior to each treatment.  All chemicals used by registered pest control companies have gone through a series of tests and have been approved by Environmental Risk Management Authority (ERMA), the Health Dept, Pesticides Board and MAF before being released for use in the commercial and domestic markets.  

Click on the item below to download the preparation guidelines for a particular treatment.

For other treatments, we will email you the preparation guidelines as necessary before your booking. 

The majority of our clients schedule a general spray once a year.  We guarantee most of our services,but please confirm this at the time of booking.

This will depend upon the treatment required for your property, and we will be happy to advise you at the time of booking or when our technicians are onsite.  

Click here to view the safety data sheets for our standard products used.

The male lesser house fly hovers in a jerky pattern, usually in the middle of the room, and is only looking to mate with a female.  It will not land or feed, therefore our surface treatments will be ineffective.  This fly is becoming more common in New Zealand, and other control methods may need to be employed, such as fly screens, traps or automatic aerosol dispensers.

In many cases, yes, but only if you are willing to invest the time, effort and expense necessary to do what's necessary to solve your pest problem(s).  Anybody can spray pesticides but proper pest control often involves much more.  Pest control of some pests, such as wasps, may be too dangerous to risk doing yourself.  Other pests, such as borer, require specialised knowledge and equipment and best left to professionals.

Common Pests

For information on a particular pest, please select from the drop-down list alongside >>

Please telephone us on 068789851 or email us for assistance.


In Hawkes Bay, one of areas of expertise is bird control. Click on our video below to see a recent bird netting solutions.


In Hawkes Bay, there are two type of cockroaches - the native Gisborne cockroach and the German cockroach.  It is a different treatment for each type, so we will normally try to diagnose which type over the phone, in order to advise the treatment required.

The Gisborne cockroaches are larger and may appear throughout the house. A general spray is required as treatment.

The smaller German cockroach is typically seen in kitchens, bathroom and laundry, and will require a baiting treatment.

To help prevent re-infestations, eliminate access to food by using air-tight containers and sealed rubbish bins, and ensure pet areas, such a food bowls, are kept clean.


Whilst there are no poisonous spiders in New Zealand, they may still be harmful and are often not welcome in our homes.  Most commonly families are concerned about the presence of whitetail spiders.  Once inside, they are attracted to warm, dark small spaces, and create unsightly webs.  A residual general spray on the interior and exterior will provide an ongoing defense.

We have several ant treatments available, as there can be an array of scenarios for ant infestations, and in some instances it may be necessary to do more than one treatment to ensure the whole colony is eradicated.

Locating and treating ant trails, and subsequently the nest, can lead to a higher change of quick success.

In Hawkes Bay, we also have the Argentine ant outdoors.  In recent year, Hawkes Bay Regional Council has been running community programmes to treat multiple properties against these invaders.

Flies can be the most hated pest of all in the warmer months, as they are a nuisance and post a hygienic risk.

Fly control involves interior and exterior surface spraying.  The product can break down quicker in hot weather, so more than one treatment may be required over summer in higher intensity areas.  Other controls may be required, such as fly screens, aerosol dispensers and fly traps.

To assist in reducing fly activity in and around your home, ensure all food and rubbish is sealed, and that any dog waste is disposed of.

Fleas can be quite common through the warmer months, most commonly in households with pets, and can cause considerable discomfort.  It is important that animals also get treated for fleas at the same time, in order to prevent a re-infestation.

If you suspect you have fleas, try walking around your house in white socks  -  fleas will be clearly visible.

At Splatter Services, we use the best product available, which is an insect growth regulator (IGR). It works by attacking the immature flea before it reaches adulthood to lay more eggs, thus eliminating the infestation.



Rodents in your home and garden can be a pest all year round, but more so in the winter months when they are looking for warmth and shelter. Often there are larger numbers present than what you will see, so it is imperative that any sign of rodent activity is treated quickly and efficiently.

We have a professional array of tools which can be put utilised to eradicate an infestation of rats or mice.  If you are at high risk, we can put a programme in place throughout the year to prevent re-infestation.

Our Splatter technician can also recommend any home maintenance that will prevent rodents coming inside, such as cutting back of shrubs or sealing of holes.

Bird control is one of Splatter Services' specialties with a vast array of professional products and tools available to prevent perching and nesting.  Having birds around your property is more than an inconvenience - birds can spread disease, deface buildings with their droppings, and damage cards with their acidic droppings.  Additionally, if they nest in your roof, they encourage secondary insect infestation in their nests, and can also become a fire hazard.

We can use one or more of the following to prevent bird access:


The Honey Bee is not normally a pest so, at Splatter, we would only eradicate them in an extreme situation.  We do have contact with local beekeepers, so would instead prefer to put you in touch with them.  Please feel free to contact "Save Our Bees Charitable Trust" - Janet Luke 021 1517688

Wasps, however, can be dangerous and we will endeavour to eradicate a nest within 24 hours if it it posing a danger.

Bedbugs are unfortunately becoming more common in New Zealand, as they are easily transported in luggage and other items.  They hide in cracks and crevices during the day and come out at night to feed.  Other than itchy skin, their presence can be evident from blood spots on bed linen.

In keeping with legal restriction against treating mattresses with pesticides, Splatter Services is the only pest controller in Hawkes Bay to offer the chemical-free Cryonite treatment for bedbugs. This treatment utilises a carbon dioxide "snow", which kills bedbugs immediately on impact  -  it is completely non-toxic and non-allergic.

You may not see borer beetles (aka bora or woodworm) except when they collect on the window sills or corners of the rooms in your house, but you will find the tell tale holes and damage to wood around your home. As New Zealand houses get older, the borer damage to untreated timbers accumulates and the timbers become progressively weaker. It is not uncommon for weatherboards, floorboards, joists and other structural timbers to require replacing due to weakness caused by borer. The holes and labyrinths created by larvae also allow moisture to penetrate many timbers and increases rot by fungi.

Splatter Services will inspect the extent of an infestation and apply a penetrating treatment, preventing re-infestation for at least ten years in normal circumstances.


A general spray will assist in the treatment for mosquitoes, but it is not always possible to eradicate them completely due to factors in the surrounding environment.  To help in the reduction of mosquitoes:

  • Remove any standing water, and flush bird baths and rain barrels frequently
  • Maintain lawns regularly
  • Maintain aeration system or fountains in ornamental ponds
  • Inspect spouting for poor drainage
  • Remove dense, low-growing plants

Crawling insects, such as silverfish, carpet beetles, larder beetles, weevils and mites, cause concern for the hygiene of stored food, and need to be addressed quickly and efficiently.  

Tips to Keep Your Home Pest Free

Pests never rest, but will try to get into your home year-round!  Insects and rodents need shelter, moisture and food and are attracted to your house because it is also a warm, safe-haven from other natural predators. They are not only irritating, they cause physical damage to your home and possessions, spread germs, irritate allergies and down right make you feel uncomfortable. 

Minimise the chance of pest entering your home by:

  • Always cover food, or store it in properly sealed containers or plastic bags.
  • Ensure all rubbish bins are tightly sealed.  An open rubbish bin under the sink can be a magnet for flies, rodents, cockroaches and ants.  
  • Clean any liquid spillages immediately
  • Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight. Remember many pests are nocturnal.
  • Ensure kitchen surfaces and appliances are kept clean – on all sides and underneath
  • Clear away pet food bowls, and clean up animal droppings and litter trays before nightfall. 
  • Clear up dead bodies of insects, as they provide a tasty snack for other pests
  • Get rid of clutter, such as old newspapers and magazines, plastic shopping bags.
  • Vacuum regularly
  • Keep the area around your outside rubbish and compost bins clean, and ensure the bins are tightly sealed. 
  • Fit fly screens to windows, especially around kitchen and waste areas
  • Mosquitoes, flies and other pests enter through small openings around windows and door frames.
  • Mice, roaches and other pests can enter premises through tiny gaps between plumbing pipes and walls.  Seal any entry cracks or crevices.
  • Improperly sealed attics or crawl spaces can become access point for spiders.
  • Fix any leaky taps inside & outside your home, and ensure drains are kept clear and running.
  • Use a dehumidifier if necessary to remove additional moisture within your home.
  • A leaking roof or a blocked gutter can accumulate moisture, a breeding ground for mosquitoes.  Do not leave standing water, such as in a watering can.
  • Keep your lawn mowed & plants around your home trimmed. 
  • Keep stacked firewood around 20 feet away from your home

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