Commercial Pest Control

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We offer programmes to suit any business!

Commercial pest control that protects your reputation

Splatter Services is chosen by business owners and managers because we understand your needs. Your image is paramount to your business’ success, and we can customise a pest control programme to fit your needs. Unwanted pests can be detrimental to the health of your staff and customers, and understanding these risks ensures we take particular care in protecting your business and provide a service that is thorough, reliable and environmentally conscious.

Our 2-step Plan of Attack

  1. Inspection & Identification – we offer a free, no-obligation site visit with a thorough inspection, identifying current and potential problems as well as areas of concern.
  2. Prevention & Maintenance – as every business is different, our goal is to keep your company compliant with a customised treatment plan that best suits your business needs and provides you with 100% satisfaction. 

Target Areas

Within a business, there are potentially three types of areas, each requiring a specific protocol of action.

  • Customer Areas – an area of high customer traffic, requiring discreet application of service. These are entry areas, lobbies, elevators, public toilets, cafeterias, dining areas, etc.
  • Interior  – interior focal points where infestation is concentrated and treatment should be pro-active. These are food prep areas, cleanup areas, kitchens, employee cafeterias and lounges, shipping, receiving and warehouse areas.
  • Exterior Applications – exterior areas that could harbour conditions where re-infestation is possible. These are areas as trash bins, parking lots, landscaped areas, entrance ways, building perimeters, fencelines, roofs and eaves.


Yes, we are registered with the Pest Management Association of New Zealand (PMANZ), which holds strict regulations for its members.

Click here to see a list of registered pest controllers.

Our technicians also hold current Approved Handler Certificates and Basic First Aid certificates. Branded uniforms and signwritten vehicles mean you'll always know who's on your property.

We carry $20million in Public Liability Insurance coverage so you can rest easy.

There is no average price for commercial pest control, as each site needs to be assessed before a quote can be provided.  We offer free onsite quotes, and will provide a written proposal for your pest management programme.

Written acceptance will be necessary to proceed with the treatment, and in the case of ongoing services, a Service Agreement will be put in place.

We offer free quotes to commercial businesses and, in most instances, an onsite visit will be required to assess the scope of pest management required.  Call us on 06 878 9851 or fill in our Contact Form to arrange a quote.

We understand that time is money for businesses, and we therefore will work with you to find a time that is suitable.  In most instances, buildings will need to remain empty for 3-5 hours after a pest control treatment (and sometimes longer), so we can schedule our treatments for evenings or weekends if necessary.

• Retail Premises • Office Buildings • Restaurants • Cafes & Bakeries • Hotels, Motel & Backpackers • Wineries • Schools • Food Production • Fruit Packers • Manufacturing Plants • Healthcare Facilities • and more...

Services We Offer

We offer a wide range of pest control services to the commercial market  -  below are a few of our specialties.

Crawling & flying insects

Eliminate unsightly and potentially harmful insects:

  • Interior and exterior residual surface spray
  • Insect monitoring
  • Insect baiting
  • UV lights

Rodent control

Rodents can damage your equipment, stock or reputation.  Use a rodent control programme to regularly monitor and protect your business.

We have non-toxic options for locations which are chemical-sensitive.

Bird control

We have an array of professional products and tools to prevent perching and nesting.

  • netting                  •  trapping
  • spikes                   •  shooting
  • electrical pulse wire
  • spouting protection

Click here to see examples of bird netting solutions.

Bedbug treatment

We are the only Hawkes Bay pest controller licensed to use the chemical-free Cryonite® freezing treatment, in keeping with legal restrictions.  Bedbugs are killed immediately on contact and it is safe to occupy the room directly after the treatment.


Wasps can be extremely dangerous in any environment where people are present, whether staff or clients.  We aim for a same-day service to wasp call-outs.

Photo Gallery

Please view our images to see the wide array of pest control services we offer to the commercial sector.