Excellent advice & service


We used the services of Splatter to spray for both ants and cockroaches, both of which are now extinct around our office environs! The pre spray advice and the service delivery of the applicators was excellent with much care taken to advise us of the resultant effects on the ants and cockroaches and the fact neither spray application would harm members of our team. We would highly recommend Garon and the team at Splatter.

-- Murray Cowan, Grow HR, Hastings

So Bright White



 I recently had my rental property soft washed and I could hardly believe the difference this has made the the look of the house.  What was a tired grubby exterior is now refreshed and bright, in fact its so bright white I needed sun glasses!  I can highly recommend this process to refresh exterior paintwork.

-- V Harris, Venzia Ltd


Professional & efficient


We employed Gutter Solutionz to install their product on our two storied apartment building and several villas in the complex. This was carried out in a professional and efficient manner. To date I am very pleased with the results and would recommend it to anyone with gutter problems.

-- Peter Bruce, Groundsman, Mary Doyle Retirement Village, Havelock North

A big thank you


A BIG “THANK YOU” for providing us with such amazing service throughout the year and look forward to another year working with you in 2013.

-- Rebecca Mason, Property Brokers (Rental Division), Hastings

Glistening Creamy White


I own a hundred year old villa in Hastings which has been surrounded by old trees which I have recently cut down. Splatter came in to clean the house to help get rid of all the old leaves and moss and debris from the trees as well as the sawdust and grime from the removal. 
They came while I was away at work and when I came home. my house was glistening creamy white and so clean it looked as if it had just been painted. No signs of the clean up were left behind. House, walls, decks and patio were all clean and shining.
I am thrilled with their service and recommend having your house soft-washed as a method of reviving it and keeping it well maintained.

-- R Hewetson, Hastings


Genuinely very impressed


Thank you ever so much, I really appreciated you being able to fit our house spray in so quickly. And we were really impressed with the job done - there was a dead cockroach on the floor when we got home  We were genuinely very impressed with the service we received as well as the results!
We will definitely be using you in future and have already recommended Splatter to friends.

-- A. Dove, Napier



A huge thankyou to Garon & Co for your great service. We have been using Splatter pest control services at the Frimley Lodge Motel for nearly 3 years now and would happily recommend their services - from Annual sprays to rodent control and self service products - Brilliant!

-- Frimley Lodge Motel, Hastings

Couldn't be more pleased


We engaged Splatter Pest Control to spray our relatively new home for flies and cockroaches. First impressions of the company were great. When they arrived at our property the staff were neatly dressed, the vehicle was clean and tidy and they treated out home with great respect. The work was done very professionally and within days we started to see the results with dead flies and cockroaches. It is now some 6 months later and we have not seen a live cockroach inside or outside the home since. The product is obviously still working because recently we found a dead cockroach outside so we couldn’t be more pleased and would highly recommend Splatter Pest Control to anyone who has an insect problem in their home.

-- B Foote, Havelock North

Good-bye starlings


I researched alternatives and was most impressed by Gutter Solutionz metal mesh screen. Their price compared favourably. Installation was quick and efficient. Starlings are no longer able to access to nest in roof (after years of trying to keep them out).

-- Wendy, Havelock North

Rodent free


We purchased our rodent "Ratzapper" a year ago because we had an issue with mice, and we also caught 2 rats which we did not know we had. We are extremely pleased with the results to the extent that we now seem to be rodent free. It is so easy to use even I can operate and empty it you just have to tip the zapper up over the bin and out slides the pest, then reload with more cornflakes and push the button on top and it is set to go again, so easy and very effective - Highly recommend.

-- C Hall, Arrowtown